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About Viktor Love

Hello! I'm Viktor Love, better known as SpeedyDoggo. I hail from the Pacific Northwest and am interested in creating comics and other art to share my stories! My main influences are 16 bit and simpler video games and sci-fi/fantasy from before I existed.

My current project is Moirai Oscillation, a webcomic following Preston Stevenson, someone driven by his own curiosity. It takes place in my Triad Worlds universe. In fact, that's mostly what I'll be posting on here, along with WIPs for other projects. If you're curious about my worldbuilding or just want to see what I'm doing, feel free to toss me a few bucks!
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As thanks, I'll start streaming once a week at 9 pm pst, when I let my rats run around. Come listen to me get distracted by them as I draw!
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