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  • Early Access! Thanks for your support!
    You'll get access to the completed monthly painted rule 34 art and all its WIPs, AND every Patreon reward done for Patron Power Streams, SSSStreams, and top tier patron rewards.

    Additionally, you'll see posts of other select works here on Patreon. These posts are early access, so I post here far earlier than anywhere else!
    Posts are frequent!

  • Roommates Comic WIPs + Early Dialogue
    You’re also granted access to an in-progress archive of every Roommates page WIP I do. Just check the tags drop-down menu at for “comic WIP” to see all of them!

    The WIPs will also have early dialogue on them, so you'll see what the characters are saying before the page is completed. 

  • Roommates Pages in HD
    In addition, all patrons will be able to download completed pages in HD (4000 pixels tall!)! Check the tags drop-down menu at for “full page” to get them at any time.

  • Discord Server Alerts
    Link your Discord to your Patreon ( ) to see my server, and get announcements about streams and other Patreon-related news.
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  • Everything from previous tiers ^ 

  • Participate in Monthly Rule 34 Pinup Polls (Based on suggestions made by Sweet-tier-and-above patrons) The poll choice pinup will be worked on during Art n’ Chill streams (see Nice Patron tier for info).

  • Access Monthly Sal's Salacious Suggestion Streams (SSSStreams) You'll be able to access SSSStreams that occur once a month! They are user-input driven sketch streams focused heavily on chat participation. Your ideas will become sketches of all sorts of themes and subjects! See the stream schedule for when they (and other streams) are held: (times shown in US Eastern time)

  • Receive a Monthly HD Art Pack You'll receive a monthly art pack! They include: - All of a month's completed and work-in-progress art (much of which is exclusive to these art packs) - The completed monthly featured pinup rewards and all its WIPs and alternate versions and backgrounds - Even-month handpick pinups and all its WIPS - Odd-month SSSStream artworks - Patron Power artworks (see Nice Patron tier info) - All in HD resolution! These packs let you see art FAR earlier than when I post it elsewhere. Packs will be sent to you in DMs here on Patreon near the beginning of the month (or when you pledge as a new patron).

  • Mega Commission Eligibility Cool-tier-patrons-and-above are able to request a discounted 1 or 2 character lineart commission once per month, known as Mega Commissions! ($120 for one character or $180 for two characters, subject to change) - Up to 2 patrons will be hand-picked monthly! - Simply enter a comment on a monthly post near the beginning of the month asking for takers for a Mega Commission. Briefly describe the commission and ref(s) of the character(s) involved. I'll decide on up to two to take for that month! You may also request a coloration of a previously done Mega (or Power stream) commission, too. - Please note: Pledging to this or a higher tier does not guarantee or increase your chances of getting selected for a Mega Commission. My selections are based on interest alone. Also note that sometimes there may be months where I only take one Mega Commission, just depending on my time availability. Thanks!

  • Discord Server Alerts Link your Discord to your Patreon ( ) to see my server, and get announcements about streams and other Patreon-related news specific to your tier.

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  • Everything from previous tiers ^ 

  • Access to Art n' Chill Streams: During Art n' Chill, I work on the monthly Rule 34 pinup that was voted on in the monthly polls. I want to hang out with you guys while I work on your rewards. Let's get to know each other! 😊 Art n’ Chill streams are scheduled ahead of time and you can see them (and other streams) on my stream schedule here: (shown in US Eastern time)

  • Access to Patron Power Streams: When a certain milestone goal is reached, it will unlock a monthly Power stream day for Nice-tier-patrons-and-above. You get to come in and request sketch pinups of anything you want! See full details here:

  • Discord Server Access to all Chat Channels, and Alerts: Link your Discord to your Patreon ( ) to see my server's many channels to casually chat and hang out with me and other patrons! ALSO, get announcements about streams and other Patreon-related news specific to your tier.  

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