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About SpliFF

Hi and welcome to my Patreon page! 

I'm SpliFF and this page is about Harem High School, an Ren’Py based interactive adult game.

v0.2.5 = here

The game takes place 4 years after a great epidemic which wiped out 99.9999 percent of the male population of earth. And you are one of the lucky guys who survived it. The game starts when you turn 18. Your life is about to change...

I discovered the passion for adult games about 2 years ago. But I never found a game that was a perfect fit for me. I don't like grinding and stuff...
That's why I thought, I'll make my own game!

The game is free, but patrons get access to the latest version a few days before public release and other stuff. Help me to keep this game alive... Thank you!

Harem High School includes fully animated and completely uncensored lewd scenes.

Join the Discord server!

But enough of that, here are some screenshots:

I hope you enjoy the game!


The game doesn't include any illegal or forbidden content according to the Patreon TOS.

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I need a book called "Basic English Grammar For Dummies"

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