is creating WIPS and finished illustrations
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you get access to my patreon feed which includes monthly updates, my sketches and work in progress shots of any current projects of mine
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not only do you get the previous reward, but you also receive a zip folder containing higher resolution images of any digital drawings that month! every month!!
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☆Personalized Monthly Drawings☆

you tell me a theme you'd like through a message here and every first week of the month I will mail you a simple B&W INK drawing of something related to that theme! Ex: food, sea life, cryptids, skulls, spiders with shoes, etc! (keep SFW)

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About Aiden

Welcome! I love art and making art, including illustrations,comics, and sometimes even crafts when possible! 

Recently I have moved out into my own apartment with two of my good friends. I work a part-time job and am making this patreon as a 'tip jar' to help motivate me to stay active with my art since I can easily forget to work during my downtime when no one is asking for me to create like when I was in school.

I post all my content to the public online for free because I hate the idea of putting my stuff behind a paywall, but supporting me will give you early access to all my drawings, process shots and higher quality images when available! I also hope to connect with my audience more, don't be afraid to suggest things or constructive criticism! I'm aiming to make some other exclusive goodies the more support I get here as well. Thank you~
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Thanks so much for caring <3
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