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I wanna give back to you guys and for you 30 people who reach 10$ will be apart of the blog, I will have your names written in the bottom of every blogpost i make, its my way to remind myself the different people who made my dream possible. 




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About Sportbloggen

Hello fellow patrons my name is Joakim and i run a tiny tiny sportsblog called Sportbloggen. 
I am a 22 year old guy from the awesome country Sweden, yes I am a swedish and no I have not met Pewdiepie.

So what is my goal with patreon you may ask? Well I like said run a really small sportsblog in swedish and you can also read in in english if you so perfer, My goal is a really big one. I want to become one of the biggest sportsbloggers in Sweden and with patreons help i might be able to grow at a higher rate and also get the financials that i need to grow my blog.

My dream is to be able to make a living on my blog and with the help of my blog be able to go to different sportsevent around the world and blog about my experience. 
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When and if I reach 5 patrons I will host an QnA on either my twitter or my Instagram, and the biggest questions will be featured on the blog.
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