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is creating Pet Portraits Detailed Watercolor Paintings
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About Kim Denali

I'd love to bring you with me on my journey as freelance artist. So far it's been an AMAZING, EXCITING, and most FRIGHTENING journey! 

Despite my love of illustration, this project is about more than just the art:
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Soon, I'll be attending art shows across the US and YOU as my Patreon can travel with me, and get a peek behind the scenes of my adventure of traveling to the shows, setting up, and meeting tourists, and of course selling art! Most of which you all get to choose which ones I should display at the art shows!

My painting process is an ever-evolving adventure is using  traditional watercolor painting styles, and translating it onto   my patrons give me free rein to venture into new territory, make mistakes, and create beautiful things in line with my own vision. Sharing the things I learn along the way is my way of saying thank you!

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You highly perceptive, deeply introspective, passionately creative introvert.
Emotional, love for animals makes me a perfect candidate for this!
Use your natural powers — of persistence, concentration, and insight — to do work you love and work that matters. Solve problems. make art, think deeply.”

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live streaming. The concept is that you can dip into someone’s life who’s halfway around the globe, and see what they’re up to through their eyes.

You are perfectly made to pursue this whole creative career thing. Your solopreneurship grants you the space, time, and self-imposed isolation that it requires to make your art.
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I've always wondered how dealt with finances/survival as artists

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“Just a reminder I have a #Postcard #Patreon which includes physical postcards once a month and even unique positive

I take your votes each month, on what type of post card I should paint to mail to all of you! The most votes win what I will paint and mail you!

I'm so happy to welcome you into my world of painting - and that means YOU receiving an original painting too, just for being a Patreon. 

My dream is to be able to continue to create the art that brings pets and humans together again. What do I mean by this? Well, after completing a pet portrait from a photo last year, the owner wrote me that this is the first time she had felt her dog's spirit, and essence in her home again after she'd lost him to cancer years ago. You can imagine this made me feel so good to bring this sweet woman this kind of joy and peace. 

Then, I painted a bunny for a woman that had loved him so very much during his life, and missed him terribly. I sat here at my art table, stared at the bunny's photo, played relaxing music, and poured my heart and spirit into painting that bunny. I actually got to know him as I loved meticulously painting all his little hairs, and the details of this eyes, and all of his magnificence. 

I mailed the completed bunny painting to his owner, and she also expressed to me that his spirit and essence is now back in the house, and she feels close to him.

Remarkably, this scenario continues to happen to this day. I never imagined my art, from my own hand could bring grieving pet owners and their pets closer again. 

At the same time, pet's that I am asked to paint that are alive with their owners, the joy of them seeing their pet in a painting is 

Most importantly, its the pet owners that truly love their animals that have led me to where I am now in the art world. Surprisingly, and most thankfully I'm able to bring together a beloved pet family in a painting with their loving humans again has been a true blessing for me to be able to give. 

My life has been spent surrounded by animals, nature and art. My love for blending all of these elements together, flows from my heart, threw my paint brush, and onto paper.

Each animal in the world has its own unique mystique and exquisiteness. It's my greatest reward to capture the essence of each through painting. The details of the hair, expression in their eyes, and structure of their body. I truly get inspired by each animal's beauty and magnificence!

When pet owner's ask me to paint their beloved pet (their family member) my goal is to breath just a bit of that animal's spirit into the world. A painting that the person who loves, and perhaps misses that pet can see, feel, and cherish for years to come. 

I also have a formal art education beginning in my early years, and adjoining my college years while obtaining my B.A. from the University of New Mexico.

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