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It's your friendly neighborhood racoon here, how's it going? ❤
My story?
I've been creating since I can remember, I couldn't imagine wanting to do anything else with my life. I've grown up with the online art community and I hope to leave my mark...I would absolutely love to be able to live off what I love doing most, creating enjoyable work to share and livestream full-time. I'm dedicated to making this work and continue being very active as an online artist! As much you see this lil' racoon create, I always have an itchin' to do more! This platform is a way I could free up my time further to create more content, improve & give back to a community who showed me who I am and who I'm meant to be, and is inspiring me every day to continue taking steps towards my dream.

You can check out the different tier rewards to the side there, you will unlock more rewards based on how generous you're feeling, the amount is totally up to you. Join our exclusive Patron Squad and you can unlock everything between: features, early access to art pieces, WIP's, sketches, step-by-step work showing my progress, commission/adoptable discounts, stickers, buttons, letters, candy, doodles, surprise art & more!

 An exciting future ahead,
want in?
As an artist, I would love to be able to live off my passion for art, be able to put maximum time towards it and create a fun, welcoming a place for all who believe that I can make it happen. Of course, this isn't something that can happen overnight and I understand how it will consist of several more hours than a regular career, but I'm very willing to put in those efforts to make this thing happen! I'd love increase my time to create prints, enamel pins, sell at conventions, sew, improve, get back into YouTube animation/video making, create and eventually publish my comic book idea, AlleyStreet Way. There is so much on the list. I'm committed to this vision and would love to share what I'm up to if you want to help this lil artist along the way.


  • You get your reward(s) as soon as you pledge now, thanks to up-front payment.
  • It is absolutely NOT okay to post or share exclusive work with others who are not pledged, ESPECIALLY on websites. You may share works that have been posted to the public only. 
  • Take advantage of your monthly Patreon discounts, if you didn't use your commission/adoptable discount the month before, it doesn't roll over and double to the next month. Please be active with this if you want to get the fullest out of your pledge.
  • Let's create a happy squad here ❤ 
  • Always feel free to leave your input & critique, I'm always looking for ways to improve!

93% complete
Once we reach this amount, we can introduce a monthly pin! As long as we stay afloat of this amount, SpunkyBox Patrons can expect a monthly enamel pin in their package.

With this goal met, I would be able to easily fund merchandise and supplies like enamel pin orders and not have to hesitate which 1 of several ideas to make. We could have 'em all!

Once this goal is met, I'll be able to focus on you guys more who I could never thank enough for helping me reach this dream ~ 
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