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About SquattingSlavTV

Hello and welcome! this is the official Patreon page of Squatting Slav TV.

My name is Ivan and I am the creator of Squatting Slav TV.  I created Squatting Slav TV to bring you a world of alternative information that is not shown by today's dinosaur mainstream media.  If you are a veteran or newcomer to my channel you will have noticed that I have infused my videos with a unique sense of humor.  With many young people being completely uninterested in politics today, I find that the combination of humor and well presented information is an effective formula for breaking down some serious and oftentimes heavy topics!  Humor is a great way to put our minds at ease and make our brains more receptive to oftentimes dry political and social issues.

My goal and dream for Squatting Slav TV is to grow into a fully functioning alternative news network with funny reporters and correspondents across the globe! Patreon is a great way for me to realize these goals while providing me a platform that allows me to focus 100% of my energy to bringing you great content.  With constant Youtube demonetization and censorship on my channel, Patreon provides a great funding alternative which allows me to say and do things freely without worrying about the consequences of Youtube.

With all that being said, I want to thank you all for showing an interest in my channel!  If you've watched, liked, shared, and/or commented on my videos, then you've already been a HUGE support to me, and I can't thank you enough!

Yours truly,
Squatting Slav TV

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With this amount of monthly funding I can cover the costs of filming, technology, and hire a part time editor.
Thank you! 
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