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TIER 2 - Patron Picked PNGs & Comics
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  • Early comic page updates, you’ll be several pages ahead of non-patrons (when available).
  • Unwatermarked high-resolution PNG copies of patron picked illustrations and request box sketches.
  • Priority for commissions over non-patrons and tier 1 patrons.
  • All tier 1 rewards.
TIER 3 - Monthly Sticker Club & More
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  • Access to unwatermarked original resolution PNG art file library.
  • Early comic updates, you’ll be at least 1 chapter ahead of non-patrons (when available).  
  • Priority for commissions over non-patrons and tier 1-2 patrons.
  • All tier 1 and 2 rewards.
TIER 7 - Flat Coloured Sketch Commission
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Hey there, demons. It's me, ya girl Squiggalaimon, the after dark version of Eevachu. I'm here to make sex-positive adult art and chew bubblegum, and I'm all out of bubblegum because I have no money. But seriously, help me make some sex-positive adult art about sapphic women and get some cool rewards for doing so. My goal is to provide this content for free, while rewarding patrons with exclusive content to fund its creation.

Current patron reward library contents:

Tier 1
- WIPS: 17
- Process videos: 0
Tier 2
- Patron picked/request box PNGs: 8
- Pages ahead of non-patrons: 0
Tier 3
- Art PNGs: 184
- Chapters ahead of non-patrons: 0
Tier 4
- Patron Picked PSDs: 3
- Chapters ahead of non-patrons: 0
Tier 5
- PDFs: 14
Tier 6
- PSDs: 19

Current Projects:

That Hits the Spot
A short lesbian furry webcomic. What happens when a cheetah's foxy roommate comes home after a failed audition and wants some comfort? I think you can guess, this is a NSFW patreon, afterall.

Request Box
Everyone may suggest and vote for sketch ideas for FREE!

Patreon Picked Illustrations

Patrons may request and vote for illustration ideas.

I livestream art on some weeknights, check here for schedule: gallery.eevachu.com/schedule and check here to watch: bit.ly/streamachu

Sapphic Novels
Creating comics and stories for the female gayze, catering to women loving women, especially women of colour. (All non-commissioned comics will follow this theme.)

What if I want your non-adult art?

If you’re interested in my SFW illustration, comics, commissions and streams, you should check out my companion Patreon campaign here: patreon.com/Eevachu

When do rewards get sent out?

Some rewards are listed in the patreon feed and will be available as soon as you pledge. The bulk of your rewards (most of the exclusive content) will be sent directly to you by email via dropbox link within 1-3 business days of your payment clearing. Future exclusive content rewards are sent out monthly, at the beginning of the month once all payments clear.  

Can I get SFW art if I have pledged to a reward tier that includes an art commission?

Of course! You may commission SFW art on my NSFW patreon and vice versa. My standard commission subject limitations apply.

Can I make a one-time donation?

Yes! You can make a non-recurring one-time donation through my ko-fi:  http://ko-fi.com/eevachu
$49 of $400 per month
I'll host a monthly request art livestream where patrons may join and request drawings of anything.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 97 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 97 exclusive posts

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