Squshies is creating Animal Art! Ranging from felt animals, digital art, animal them

Support the Squshies

$1 /mo
Help us make new felt animals. We'll show you behind the scenes of our design process, and ask for your input of what animals to make next.


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Squshie Friends Downloads

$5 /mo
Get new downloadables every month! Coloring book pages, papercrafts, and activity pages for you to print are examples. Let us know what you'd like us to design for our Squshie friends.


Squshies Postcard

$10 /mo
A special monthly postcard or small print mailed to you! We'll make a digital illustration that we print and mail to you and  you can download the file for your desktop!


Squshies Grab Bag Club

$27 /mo
A monthly surprise in the mail!  It could be a classic Squshie ornament, some of our in stock postcards or prints, pins, coloring pages! Maybe even some of our prototypes! Always a surprise, but al...

Special Squshie Art

$50 /mo
We'll paint and mail you a small watercolor painting of your request! Any animal you want in the Squshies style =)

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