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Yep, just like that o/

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About SrGrafo

If you got happy or sad while reading my comics, if you got distracted watching an animation or random art, then mission accomplished!

I am SrGrafo all over the internet, you can find me almost everywhere o7

You probably came here for the Rimworld Comics, either the wacky ones or the serious ones (you can find the series here)

The main goal of this patreon is to quit my job and be able to draw all day, if I get around 200$ a month I can do that (I dont spend much and live in a place where is not that expensive), while this goal is far, hope to little by little get closer, in any case you can have access to all the content here for just 1 dollar, thank you for passing by!

-->  Join the community on discord
-->  Also my game dev project

EDIT: So.. wow thank you so much, not only I was able to quit my job but now I can help my family.
100% complete
Will quit my job and just draw all day.
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