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About SrslySims

Hello everyone! I'm Soma, but most of you know me as SrslySims! I Have been creating custom content for different games for the last twelve years. In late 2014 I started creating custom content for The Sims 4. I also am a staff member at The Sims Community, where I write articles, tutorials, and help other simmers in the community.
Why Patreon?
Joining Patreon gives me the ability to reward the people who choose to support me as a creator. Creating custom content and mods takes quite a bit of my time, which sometimes gets me off track on the projects I am working on. Now that I am on Patreon it not only gives me the motivation to complete creations in a timely manner, but it also helps me to keep things I have started out of my WIP folder and get them finished to share with all of you.

 What are the perks of becoming a Patron?
As a patron ($1+) you will get access to my occasional Monthly WIP post. Where I will share my work in progress creations coming to Patreon.

As a patron ($3+) you will get early access to all of my Patreon downloads. All downloads that are shared here will go public after 2 weeks, and then be available for download on my website. Not only do you get early access to my newest downloads, but you will also be able to vote on future creations you would like to see. You will also be able to see my work in progress creations and offer suggestions on additions/changes to them as they are being created. 

As a patron ($5+) you will be able to make a monthly request for custom content and mods. See my requests & commissions page on my website for more info. You will also be able to request a tutorial for any subject relating to the sims 4 or cc/mod creation.

All patrons are given a special rank in my discord that gives you access to Patreon-only chat, where you can talk with me in live time about WIP, suggestions, beta test mods, and more!

What kinds of downloads are you going to share on Patreon?
I create custom content in an EA "Maxis Match" style. This means that my creations will fit into the theme of The Sims 4. I do not make things that are "realistic", meaning that you will never see something with real-life-looking textures, English text, or things from real-life company brands.

My personal project goals:
  • Every month release an update to "Srsly's Complete Cooking Overhaul".
  • Every 1-2 months release a set of items based around a modded item.
  • Every 3-4 months release a new game mod or re-vamp an older mod.
  • Other occasional goals: Update older content, remake older content.
*Please note that the above items are things that I am personally going to work on. These items will be included in Patron Polls, and be taken to a vote along with other patron suggestions.

How often will you be sharing new content?
You can expect to receive a minimum of 1-2 creations for The Sims 4 monthly. This could be an update to an existing creation, a new mod, a single item, or a set of items in one download. The items that I create and share each month will be chosen by myself, voted on by patrons, or a little of both.

Can I request you to make something specific?
Yes! I take requests from Patrons! You can find out more information about "Requests & Commissions" on my website. Be sure to join my discord server and connect your account to be able to place your request. You will find the #patreon_request section to start a 1-on-1 private chat with me about your request.

Before requesting, please message me on discord (preferred) or via Patreon DM to see if I am able to take your request and we can talk about the request prior.

♦ With the ($5) tier you will be able to make 1 request monthly for your choice of "Custom Recipe", "Custom Ingredient", or "Custom Harvestable". 
♦ With the ($10) tier you will be able to make 1 request monthly for your choice of "Object Recolors & Mesh Edits", "Create-a-Sim", "Poses, Sliders, and Presets".
♦ With the ($15) tier you will be able to make 1 request monthly for your choice of "Tuning Override Mods", "Custom Tuning Mods".
♦ With the ($20) tier you will be able to make 1 request monthly for your choice of "Major Mods". These spots will be limited as major mods take some time to complete.

Thanks for Reading! ♥
If you have any questions or concerns feel free to message me here on Patreon, send me an ask on Tumblr, or join my discord. Whether you decide to become a patron or not, I want to thank you for stopping by and considering supporting me!


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500 - reached! patrons
You guys are the best. I sincerely would be blown away by the thought of this many people interested in what I do. If I reach 500 patrons I will be able to work from home to bring more content, streams, and more to all of you.
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