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is creating no bullshit podcast and videos on how to learn daygame faster

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About St. Robert

I help guys who are tired of dating average girls from work, friends and online dating to learn to meet girl they like anywhere. Simply walk up to them and get to know them.

I don’t focus on daygame theory and writing books about daygame. All the theory has been written. And most of the books are almost the same.
Instead I focus on
  1. How to stop reading, overcome fear and actually start talking to 25+ girls you like every week;
  2. No bullshit approach to learning daygame fast instead of doing it off and on for years;
  3. How to be able to find regulars in every city you travel to.
If you like my podcast and think my content has helped your daygame journey or you've learned to spend less on your dating life, feel free to become a patron.

Coming up with content for podcasts actually is harder than it might seem. Podcast episodes that you and other listeners enjoyed the most actually come for doing crazy stuff.

  • Going to a new city and getting destroyed by the girls there when I realise it's a very traditional country and I'll have to learn to deal with 8 blowouts in a row every day. Well, once I learn what to do in a situation like that - I can share it with you.
  • Learning to daygame and sleep with girls in very different countries teaches me a lot. Each time I learn something meaningful I try to share it on my podcast.
  • Doing all this traveling and daygaming helps me meet sugar babies, drug dealers, porn actresses and many other people you've heard on my podcast.

By supporting me you're helping me create better content.

I never wanted to publish my infield recordings. Because I wouldn't like if someone published an audio recording with my sister in a set. But if it's behind a paywall, I think it's fine.

I'll post at least one breakdown of my student's infields and at least one breakdown of my audio infield recording every month. (Probably more, but let's set the expectations low).
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
Audio release

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