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About StagPath

About the Artist
My name is Jen and I'm an Ohioan artist specializing in art inspired by nature.  I am an avid hiker, forager, and all around nature enthusiast and I have always been drawn to the creative world, so it only makes sense I would one day combine my two passions and try to make a living from them.  I frequently use foraged goods from my hikes in nature to create woodland centerpieces so that others can have a little piece of mother nature in their home.  I also collect stones, feathers, and bones and turn them into unique jewelry and wall hangings.   Most recently I started experimenting with acrylic pour painting and I always have 2-4 other miscellaneous art projects going on. Be sure to find me on other forms of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr!

The Beginnings
When I was in preschool I wanted to be a forest ranger.  As I grew up I wanted to be an artist, but the type of art was forever changing. Even in college my major changed almost every semester and when I finally graduated with a bachelor's degree in art I never specialized in any particular form of art.  Why should I pick?  I want to learn all of it!  I was in a pinch for money in 2017 and created an Etsy account to try and sell some of the woodland centerpieces I had created.   Business was slow, but it was clear there was a niche market for artwork involving bones and other woodland goodies, so I kept on pursuing my passions and started learning more about marketing.  BAM! Sales starting going up. Not by much, but sure enough every month I would get one or two sales.  Things were starting to look up. I expanded my presence on social media and suddenly I was invited by a fair coordinator to sell my work for their upcoming event.  Wow! It was clear people liked what I was doing, so partnered up with Redbubble to share even more of my creations.  By no means do I make a living with my art yet, but with the support of Patreon I am hoping I can continue to fund my passions and turn my tiny business into something more substantial for myself.

If you took the time to read my profile feel free to let me know and I will give you a special offer for my Etsy shop.

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