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About The Staglings

Welcome, this is where the Staglings promote most of their material. 

Part of it is programming tutorials, part of it is political commentary and some is more or less up to you. 

Thanks to our early patrons for sticking by while we had almost a year of hiatus. We are honored by your insistence, perhaps fanaticism, and sincerely hope you'll enjoy our renewed efforts in keeping this page updated and interesting.

We are rebooting this page and will renew our project in several ways. The main difference will be the use of english as the main language while using swedish for our comments on international political and social issues. 

Besides writings on sociopolitics we aim to add educational material on programming and data analysis, and perhaps we'll actually manage to start up a weekly podcast over the coming weeks. For our patrons there will also be the odd article on occult and esoteric themes, the kind that is familiar to our most loyal friends and supporters. 

We've been silent but not still. 

Rebooting... please wait. 

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