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About Star Bunniie


Hi! I am Star Bunniie or A-chan , I'm a Multimedia Arts Graduate~! I've been drawing ever since I held the pen and gradually improved on my own. My goal is to earn for a living in doing what I love and help my Family with bills and every day expenses.

I plan make Digital and Traditional Drawings , Small Animations/Animatics , Tutorials , Speedpaints and Sometimes a little music. I would love to continue doing them to showcase my art and entertain my audience as well ;w; I once had a dream of becoming a stand up comedian and wanted to make people laugh so I try to incorporate that with my Rambles,Stories and Rant Videos.

I want to grow and improve as a better artist and entertainer for better content for everyone.

My Reward tiers still needs some work to do since i'm not quite sure what to do;;

With your patronage will surely help me pay internet bills and water bills , buy food and necessities .plus helping me create more content for everyone to see thanks to you <3

I'm also doing commissions , Do DM me if you'd like to support me that way ~!
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-You could Help me pay Internet bills to continue uploading and making art  with that you are supporting me and my family ;w;

Thank you very much!
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