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is creating St*r Fox: The Animated Series (noncommercial parody fan project)
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About Matthew Gafford

[NOTE: Nothing involving the production of this animated series has changed; I've only modified a few things on this page to help keep this project safe and legal.]

Good evening. My name is Matthew Gafford. Some of you might know me by the pen name "Fredryk Phox," for my older videos, songs, and Flash animations from the late 1990's to the early/mid-2000's. I am currently working solo on an animated series based off of the Star Fox franchise, aptly titled, "St*r Fox: The Animated Series." I do all of the music, art, animation, and most of the voice acting.

I waited for Star Fox to be released from the very beginning. When I was in the third grade, I saved my allowance and purchased a copy of the original SNES title in late March of 1993, and I've been in love with the series ever since. Even back then when I was a kid, I drew little comics depicting the adventures of Fox McCloud, and dreamed of a 90's Saturday morning cartoon in which his team was portrayed saving the day.

St*r Fox: The Animated Series draws most of its inspiration from the SNES and Nintendo 64 titles, and is going to take place before, during, and after the main events of those games. This is not going to be a goofy, slapstick parody, full of stupid internet meme references and barrel-roll jokes. While some aspects may indeed be parodied or mocked for the sake of some comic relief, I'm pouring my heart and soul into this project, treating the characters with respect, and giving them their own personalities and convictions.

I've been doing my very best to work on this for almost 5 years now, going through revisions, revamps, and reboots. Most of the starting over has been due to my skills improving, new content looking much better than the old. Some of you have had the opportunity (and admirable patience) to watch this evolve from early 2010 to present-day, taking a more serious direction the further along it got. Now, at last, things are starting to settle and become consistent, and I feel I finally have the experience and maturity to make this a legitimate crowd-funded project.

Thank you in advance for the help. I honestly can't wait to have more finished content to show everyone, and I hope you enjoy watching this childhood dream of mine come to fruition.

 - MG

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