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About Star Howler

Greetings everyone! I'm Star Howler.
I'm a furry content creator on YouTube.

I've made plenty of videos on YouTube before in the past, but this'll be the first time I'll be having a channel about a community I'm SUPER passionate about! The Furry Community!
In my videos I hope to show many different aspects about the furry community, talk about furry community news, inform people of important thing, and just talk about others subject I'm sure y'all will love.

Why should you become a Patron?
Becoming a Patron will help me to come out with content faster and to gain enough so I can give back to all of y'all, my WONDERFUL fans! Becoming a Patron will help me to afford better programs/equipment for creating videos for you guys, and maybe get some merch out to y'all in the future.

If you decide to become a Patron...
It means so much to me if you support me so I can become better content creator. I want to bring more to my fans, if you help me then you are also helping fellow fans. Thank you so much if become a supporter of the channel, it means a lot to me.