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About StarWarsIRL

Do you realize that Star Wars is an ACTUAL PLACE now? Did you know you could BECOME A JEDI in your own living room? Star Wars is waaay more REAL than people realize!

I’ll prove it to you. Become a Patron.

Not only will you see fun, high-quality videos about Star Wars GAMES, TOYS, COSPLAY, VIRTUAL REALITY, EVENTS, PRANKS, VISUAL FXTHEMED LANDS, REVIEWS, & MORE, but you’ll also get:
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“I want to replace real life with Star Wars, because sometimes life sucks, and Star Wars doesn’t.”
- basically my life motto
Plus, it’s just fun pretending that Star Wars is real, even if everyone else just thinks we're a bunch of nerds. So come JOIN ME in MAKING STAR WARS A REALITY, because I can’t do it without you 🤓✌🏼



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