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About Star Wars in the Classroom

For more than twenty years, we have been integrating the Star Wars saga into history, English/Language Arts, and science classes at the middle school and high school levels. From studies in mythology, history, philosophy and the arts, to hands-on experiments in physics and engineering, we inspire learning and the imagination by providing engaging and relevant experiences for students of all ages related to the captivating characters and stories from the Star Wars universe.

Since launching in 2012, our work at Star Wars in the Classroom has developed an international following of educators and fans and has been featured in articles on and in Star Wars Insider magazine, as well as in the docu-series, In a Galaxy. It is our hope that through our efforts, Star Wars in the Classroom will continue to grow as a forum for collaboration and inspiration as teachers and students from around the world share ideas for creating meaningful, and entertaining, learning experiences. 

Producing high-quality educational content requires time and money; time apart from our positions as full time educators and money for purchasing materials such as books, software, and other supplies that allow us to create up-to-date resources related to the new films, novels, comics, and television series.

Currently, our professional learning network known as The Rogues includes more than 900 educators from over 30 nations. Partnering with us through your donation will allow us to continue to provide resources for children in these existing classrooms and expand into even more.

Thanks so much for considering joining us on this journey!

All the Best,
Thomas and Wes

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