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Tips on having a Crochet Biz

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If you are trying to build a successful crochet business, there's so much to learn and it can be confusing to understand how to put yourself out there.  With this tier I will offer a personalized Q & A session with you and help you figure out some strategies that will help you gain the exposure & success you seek. 
you will get advice on various subjects such as:

•how to build organic traction on Instagram and fb
•how to increase engagement with your audience 
•tips on creating a pop up boutique to sell your crochet goods at artfairs/festivals 
•photography tips 
•how to put together a great digital portfolio when applying to artfairs 
•anything you want to know based on my own experience & things I’ve learned from working the artfair/festival circuit for 12 years 
•any/all of these points can covered depending on what you’d like to focus on.    

Exclusive video content

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If you are more of a visual crocheter and wish to gain access to my exclusive video content, this membership will allow you to have unlimited access to my in depth recipe tutorials that I will continuously be adding to my patreon page. Many of my  designs are unpublished written patterns and it takes a long time to get a pattern written up and tested.  Since I am more visual, it is much quicker and easier to do a recipe tutorial video to explain how I design and crochet many of my freestyle wearable pieces.  My work is more artistic/advanced so it takes a bit of intermediate crochet skills to attempt making a garment.  I will also do simpler videos for smaller easier projects that can be easily integrated/worked into various types of projects which will also allow you the flexibility to learn at your own pace and experiment with your own ideas.  Happy hooking and thanks for supporting my craft! 

Introduction to Crochet

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Are you interested in learning how to crochet?  If you want to learn and would like a basic introduction to this wonderful craft,  I will happily offer a one on one workshop with you and give you a beginner session and walk you through the basics.  Crocheting is a great stress reliever and the process of learning how to crochet can be somewhat daunting at first.  If your a visual learner and prefer a teacher/student setting, this is the tier for you! 

you will learn:
•foundation stitches 
•beginner level tips on selecting yarn 
•tips on crochet hooks
•Q & A session on how to find your niche with crochet once your hooked! 



About Starlily Creations

Hi I’m Jennifer Xerri & I would like to invite you to explore a more freestyle approach to crochet!  I’ll be sharing some fun freestyle crochet techniques, along with tips on how to be spontaneous with use of colors & the artsy yarns which can sometimes be tricky to work with.  I’ll also be sharing exclusive video content for some of my unreleased patterns in a more visual format as recipe tutorials.  I’m happy to also offer crochet tips on projects & having a crochet brand/business as well!  My 30+ years of crocheting mostly by sight has allowed me to become super expressive as a crochet designer, it’s my passion & I love to share/inspire the endless possibilities with crochet!  My focus is modern and sometimes whimsical, with a specific focus on women's accessories and apparel. Currently I have 10 written patterns available on Ravelry and Etsy  If you shy away from written patterns and prefer a more fluid visual video tutorial this could be a fun journey to consider!  Freestyle crochet is kind of like a bridge between structured crochet and freeform, so if your wanting to get more artistic with your crochet skills but freeform crochet is too intimidating, learning more freestyle techniques could be the right fit for you.  This is my specialty and I'm happy to share some of my own unique designs and techniques with you.  
I will share a variety of skill levels as well so you can have the option to jump right in or learn at a slower pace.  I will be sharing recipe style tutorials which will allow you to add your own personal artistic touch and make it your own, helping you tap into your creative crojo in a new way that is fun and exciting!
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Being a full time crocheter sounds super exciting and fun, however the cost to continue creating is sometimes challenging.  For many years most of my income was coming from selling my crochet wares at artfairs and festivals.  Now that the global pandemic has turned the world upside down, I am directly affected unfortunately because of so many show cancellations & also because people will be avoiding large gatherings for a while.  My hope is that by switching my focus to create more creative content, tutorials and workshops I will be able to replace much of that show income which I’ve heavily relied on as a full time artist for many years.  I appreciate the support on this journey as I’m sure many creatives are finding themselves in the same boat.  I want to continue being a creative force in any way I can because I know it inspires many.  I’m so very grateful for contributions made💗 much love, Jenn 
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