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You are truly so kind for showing this support, and I am very grateful <3 As thanks, in addition to the rewards of both the previous tiers, you will also receive special Summer and Winter  holiday postcards! (Summer Holiday postcards will be sent to all $10 Patreons who support by the end of June, and Winter Holiday postcards will be sent to those who pledge $10 by the end of November). You will ALSO be credited as a supporter of my Film work in the credits of my future Film projects!




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Greetings to you!
My name is Penny Starr, commonly known by my online persona: Starrlett.

I am a film and sound editor, writer, fundraiser, gamer, vlogger, and YouTuber! All of these feed into the various bits and pieces I do on the internet- if you want more info, you can watch my channel trailer above :) I am a new graduate from university, and fresh into the world of adulthood. Although YouTube is a hobby for me, content creation is something I'm really passionate about, and strive to improve every day. I am still a small channel, so all of the 'profit' I make comes primarily from donations and this Patreon page, so the support I get through both of those is crucial and absolutely touching to me. For what you guys give, I try to return the kindness, whether it's goofiness to give a smile, creations and writing to make you think, or personal letters of thanks.

So, why support me? How does it help, and what do you get?
Well, the money goes towards my creative content, whether it's improving software and hardware, getting ahold of new games to play for you guys, attending conventions, maintaining servers, buying merchandise and giveaway goodies, and helping me day-to-day feel a lot more content and stable with having content creating as a part-time job. Many of the goals you see give back content and love to the community in some way, as you deserve all the thanks for your support.

But what do *I* get out of it?
In terms of what you get, you can see the Patreon rewards include regular and exclusive content, access to early drafts and edits of some of the work I do, and personal messages and postcards. I value everyone who supports me, whether it's monetary, sharing content, or simply watching and interacting, but I love being able to give Patreons a little extra love for their support :)

If you want to support me, even as little as $1 means the world, and only adds up to $12 a year. If five people did that, that'd be $60 a year! It all adds up, and it all goes back into improving the content I make. YouTube, Twitch, writing, all of it is my creative outlet, and a way to share my thoughts with you, and I love that you value them enough to support. Thank you for reading and considering being a patron, have a swell day! :)
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I'll open a store for merchandise! This will include shirts, mugs, keychains, and other goodies which you can buy. I can also purchase custom-made badges, stickers, etc, which I can use for giveaways and conventions!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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