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About Starrydance

What is Patreon?
Patreon is a place to support your favorite creators!  A monthly pledge will gain you a deeper glance - and delightful rewards - into your favorite artists.  The best way to support an artist, a month at a time, to help them blossom and grow.

Pledge Rewards: 
All Patrons will have unlimited access to all studies, sketches, and paintings! Just by joining, you'll get a free coloring page, and a range of digital prints, WIP videos and more! 

The Art of Starrydance:
I am a watercolor artist who loves fanciful creature, bright colors, and celestial themes. Mainly painting magical creatures, I yearn to expand further to wildlife art and fantasy illustrations.  Although my name is Gwynn, many call me Starrydance or Starry.   Since 2007 I have been selling prints, buttons, badges and handmade bath and beauty goodies at Texas based conventions and on Etsy.  Before that I did other artwork, even earned a degree in 3D animation - but yet I've always been drawn back to traditional media.  Watercolors, Pastels, Acrylics, Pencils, and getting my fingers messy with paint and glitter.

The past few years I have focused on a dovetailed passion - making the best handmade, 99% natural Solid Perfumes and Lipbalms.  I design and paint the labels, and bring them to conventions and sell them online as well!  Many of them are fan art homage, but I am seeking to forge forth in more original labels.

However, that has led to an almost complete lack of focus on my paintings, so enter Patreon! I know I have a long way to go, and so much I want to draw, and paint, and be all I have dreamed of as an artist first.

Join my Patreon and watch my journey, and my growth, and have my gratitude! 

Where Does the Money Go? 

Pledges from Patrons go completely into my painting supplies, online classes and videos, and purchasing new mediums and surfaces to do more art upon.  
Patreon Milestones:

Goal Met!    
- Online Art Classes for Anatomy, Composition, and Color Theory to be more awesome from New Masters Academy and Society for Visual Learning.
Goal Met!    - Inked Drawings for my Patrons to Color!
Goal Met!    - All Patrons will get a 2016 Exclusive button mailed to them!
Goal Met!    - Watercolor and drawing supplies refilled monthly! Huge milestone! 
Goal Met!    - Invest in Markers, one month at a time.

Milestones to Go
- Weekly Work in Progress and Paintings Videos
- New Supplies and Mediums to explore and practice
- Add Mini and Big Prints - with Patreon Exclusives - to the Freebie pile.
- Big Goal : SmART Art School Mentorship
- Mentorships with other amazing artists
61% complete
Replenish paper, pencils, paints, inks, watercolors, and investing in new mediums.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 50 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 50 exclusive posts

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