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Also avaiable to all tiers will be a post with commentary on the updated page with a .PNG image of the sketch version of the comic page,
you get to read the crazy ramblings of the artist about the page posted last week.
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Around 2-4 questions will be answered a month, and your questions will always stay on Trello if unanswered for a chance to be answered.

Plus you get all previous rewards:
-Make a Wish
-Page Commmentary
-Starwarriors Page Early Access

-Monthly Voting




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Starwarriors is the story about how our wishes influence the universe. Millions of stars above the cosmos lay dormant waiting to be granted. Without them, the universe would be torn asunder.
The Dark Matter awaits beyond the cosmos to strike. Only mortal wishes can defend the universe from their destructive nature.
Stars are made as long as people wish... and as long as you wish, the Starwarriors will be there to make your wish come true!

From a simple farmer to a revered astronaught. From a lowly animal to a powerful leader. From a rebel of society to a fighter of the greater good.

Even YOU could be a Starwarrior.

In this webcomic we follow the life (or rather, death) of Emmy. A young kit who loved to dream and wish. By the time of her death, she is ascended to the cosmos to become a Starwarrior.

Her adventure to defend the cosmos begins.


I'm interested! I want to support, but I don't have much money, is this okay?

Thank you for your interest in my comic and wanting to support me! I want to do the best I can to really give as much as possible to my supporters, no matter how much the pledge is.

Even by donating one dollar, you can get something in return!
Starwarriors is a story of wishes, thus I think it's only fair that everyone who believes in me to get their wish displayed for the world to see.

And of course, these wishes could also be kept anonymous! Even if you are only able to donate one dollar a month, I want to make sure it feels rewarding to you. At least, this is my way of saying "Thank you"

I really like the comic, but I want to see more right now! Is there some reward tier for that?

I do know that people can get really excited over a comic and wish to read it right away, that's why there is a small early access of 3 days early or the chance to be 3 pages ahead.

I'd like to get some art from you! Is there a reward tier for that?

Absolutely! The tiers for that are of 30$ - 40$ and 60$ and higher. 30$ and 40$ will give you quick sketches, while 60$ and higher will give you a Starwarrior designed by me.

there have already been some impressive starwarriors that came from my patrons, I can't wait to make some more!

And then there are the HUGE ones...

People love to have POWER it seems...

Also, almost all rewards are monthly!

Do note: most pledge rewards and goal tiers could change. If there are any changes to the patreon service, I'll make absolutely sure to let you all know about what has changed.


I can't message everyone individually as I used to do. So please make sure you ask for your rewards as soon as you can either via Discord, or a personal message on Patreon.

You can contact me by e-mail if you have any questions or inquiries:

[email protected]

Thank you for showing interest in Starwarriors, I am grateful for every little bit of support!

-Scott Fraser

$306 of $500 per month
Once a month I will hold a stream to give away quick free sketch requests.

This also includes me being able to afford Picarto Premium to host other artists within streams and create the raffles for the free requests I will hold.
Having other artists in streams allows me to be able to promote other great artists and to have fun with other artists overall!
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