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I'll send you a collection of all my scripts in their latest version. And i'll help you as good as i can with the scripts.



About Stephan Möbius

Hello, this is Stephan Möbius.

I am graphics designer, working in Cologne, Germany mostly on editorial design and i love to share my little Indesign scripts. I am not a programmer but with a lot of tenaciousness, sometimes i get pretty far.

Especially with paragraphStyleChanger v2 (may 2018), my best and most advanced script so far, that took me many months to develop in my spare time.

If my scripts are useful to you and a regular timesaver consider donating a small amount -  whatever the script is worth to you - for the good feeling to giving something back - for something you use and appreciate. Seriously, it would be HUGE if this script would earn us (family) some money. If you care to donate a few bucks, you will make me keep on making scripts open source - and of course you'll get support, and i'll do my best if you need any help with the scripts, if you need reasonable adjustments or customizations.


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