Stephen J. Carrington

is creating Audiobook Livestreams & Performance Art
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About Stephen J. Carrington

Actor Stephen J. Carrington hosts a live audiobook narration stream on Mixer, cold-reading classic Public Domain books and magazines. Mon-Thurs (7pm PST / 10pm EST) on Cold-Reads with Carrington, Stephen takes his live audience on a journey through follower-picked novels, performed on-the-fly as an audiobook presentation; improvised character voices often rounding out these spontaneous voiceactor performances. 

On #ShortStorySundaye-book narrator Stephen J. Carrington takes short-form narrative prose & poetry special requests, and listener-written fiction pieces are shared with the audience. 

As a special Patreon bonus, all Tiers have access to periodic uploads of short stories recorded by Stephen J. Carrington in his studio. 

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