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About Steve's Kitchen

Hi I'm Steve Owens, Chef, Foodie, and creator of Steve Owens on YouTube,  where I share my Passion for Food the world over and of course traveling to far off exotic lands.

My wife Michele and I love to share our travels and life experiences with you all. We enjoy really experiencing a country by exploring local cultures and cuisines and we want to take you on our adventure. We'll share our ups and downs of life on the road including the traveling, the accommodation and of course the food. 

WHAT IS PATREON : Patreon is a crowd funding Platform, it is safe and simple to use from your computer or Via the Patreon App on your phone. The pledges fans make here will be used for up coming Projects on our Channels.

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In the Hills of Austria, on the road from somewhere nice, to somewhere very nice indeed.

Michele and I are currently Travelling the World, we would love you to join us to Share the Fun and Share the Love - the love of living, eating and above all free falling through life.. 

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Creating and sharing our passion for Food and Travel is what the Steve Owens channel is all about.

We will continue to do this regardless but with support from Patron's, reaching this goal will help cover the cost of day to day living and enable us (Steve and Michele) to experience & film so much more of the countries that we visit. We want to take you on this adventure & share videos for everybody to enjoy.

We make a small amount from ads on YouTube and our website but its not enough to cover our expenses. It's a common misunderstanding that we must be rich, sponsored or trust fund kids. If that were the case, we wouldn't be here on Patreon. We self fund everything and always have. .
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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