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About Bob's World Life

I'm that guy who makes all those video tweets on twitter, called, "GOPWAR", which is non-commercial, and I don't sell anything, in fact, I pay for much of it, myself. So, this is your chance to give something to me, personally.
Patrons, who support me, get videos, and stories, not available anywhere else.
Please join me on my life's journey by becoming a partner. Whatever I get, goes to building newer, and better content,for you to enjoy with me.
Hi there, my dear Patrons,
I have great news!
As, you may know already, due to Covid-19, the funding for GOPWAR.NET has reached dangerous, low levels. We have all been working on another strategy to save it from having to shut down, without having to ask for money, every time the web hosting company, (WIX), decides to nickel, and dime us for fees.
Now, the great news:
I’m going to get rich, and I intend to share it with you!
Three weeks ago, I reached out to some financial analysts, friends of mine, who care about the GOPWAR Network.They have agreed to help me with the funding, by steering me in the right direction with stock trading, if I show folks how easy it is to play the stock market. To make it even, more fun, I am using only penny stocks, (the most volatile of all stocks), and will be making the picks that will provide the maximum financial return.
I have created a demonstration, stock portfolio on Robinhood, with one hundred dollars, which I will continuously, maintain to get the most value from each stock, before selling it to find better ones.Hopefully, you will take our picks under consideration, I have made it extremely easy to simply, mirror my demonstration portfolio.
By being transparent about ALL my stock moves, showing you my portfolio, and answering your questions, this should be all you need to get rich with me.
Now, I am listening to about a dozen experts in the field, each have their own opinions, and when those lines of thought intersect, the operatives at GOPWAR will closely, examine stock to determine if it is worthy of our maximum, profitability guidelines.
You, as a valued patron, will be notified of our stock picks, after the market closes, (which, will keep us all on the same playing field, and it will create the least amount of stress). These notifications will be sent out as often as, required by the market, whatever, is the safest and most beneficial move for you.
Now, as I tell all my friends, I am not a financial advisor, and past success is never an indication of future success. Always use your own judgement, or that of a licensed financial adviser when making stock trades.
As, with all bob’s world projects, there is total transparency.
Full disclosure: I am also working on a second, separate account also, where I have the same stocks, in the same ratios, however, the quantities, are exponentially higher, and I am keeping that private.
I am not being paid by Robinhood, or any other entity, I receive the same, one free stock that everyone else receives when they sign up for a Robinhood stock trader account. You don’t need to use Robinhood for this, there are a handful of other similar platforms, the only requirement is, you must be a patron of Bob’s World Life channel on YouTube.
If you would like to open your own Robinhood stock trader account, please use this link, so I can get my free stock, the same as, you will be able to do for yourself once you are signed up.
Here is my Patreon link.
Patrons will get notification of every stock market action I take to maintain my account. Those, who want to mirror my actions will be able to do so, in real time.
All, of my market purchases, or sales are done after the market has closed, to keep us all on the same page, and to lower the inherent stress levels of stock market trading.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts

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