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If you’re here, you probably already know what we’re all about. Thanks for checking out the Patreon! We’ve been backed by Patreon for over 5 years now, and our supporters are the bedrock that protect us from the unpredictable climate of YouTube.

Our podcasts and behind the scenes posts are now free for everyone to enjoy! Hope you like :)


Currently we are set as a "per Creation" Patreon, which means that we charge per video. This is a leftover from when we started on Patreon, when we struggled to do more than one video a month. Right now we make at least two videos a month, and are working to get our earnings on YouTube more stable so that we can transition our Patreon to monthly. Please have patience with us, and if you decide to pledge, make sure you set a monthly max on your membership!


Stop Skeletons From Fighting makes YouTube videos about weird and ambitious video games! Our video team (made up of Derek, Grace, and the mysterious Hot Dog Gamer) is dedicated to bringing you videos that are too dumb to be this heavily researched. From wacky Nintendo Peripherals to mind boggling 3D Game Boy Games to breaking down the history of industry blunders like Mighty No. 9, we want to shine a light of the side of games that too often get overlooked or looked down on. We think the games industry should be a positive place, and we want to achieve that by Stopping the Skeletons From Fighting.

Thank you!
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I will buy a goddang Zeebo.

The Zeebo was an online only budget Brazil/Russia/Mexico/China gaming console that got INSANE ports of many games, including a 7mb port of Resident Evil 4. 

There is currently no emulation software for the Zeebo available and its online stores are shuttered, meaning that you need a functioning console + already downloaded games to experience the craziness for yourself.

Let's make it happen! I wanna share the Zeebo with the world!
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