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Early Access Pack!

With this tier you get access to several types of exclusive content:

  • Access to Patreon-exclusive reviews, shorter pieces on more varied work than my main articles, posted sporadically
  • Rough drafts of my articles as I work on writing and editing them
  • Raw, unillustrated text versions of the ebooks made available to $5 subscribers
  • Occasional drafts of artwork
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Podcast Tier!

I write my articles by speaking them first, and then I edit the audio files into podcast versions of my articles. This tier gives access to:
  • The Storming the Ivory Tower Podcast, a looser, more stream of consciousness take on my articles, often including material not in the final pieces
  • Patron-exclusive installments of my periodic Let's Read Theory recordings, where I translate Theory texts into more accessible terms and explain their value
  • Video posts, such as Let's Play footage
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Big Fat Essay Collection Pack!

I periodically gather together my articles into revised and updated ebooks, paired with new, previously unpublished material. At this tier you underwrite the production of these books, and get access to my full Ebook library.

Backers get access to the ebooks long before the general public (and many ebooks are available ONLY to backers!), are thanked in the credits for each book, and receive Patreon-exclusive editions with exclusive content like deleted material, extra illustrations, things like that.




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About Sam Keeper and Storming the Ivory Tower

Pop Culture and critical theory belong together.

That's the thesis I've been pushing at Storming the Ivory Tower. By digging into pop, fandom, and marginal culture using tools normally reserved for High Art and Literature, I give everyone access to ideas otherwise reserved for academics. With articles on topics like the intelligence of Pacific Rimthe important place of Homestuck in comics history, or the critical potential of fan games spreading far and wide on the web, and with a stable of ebookspodcasts, and esoteric review projects, StIT has become a site of experimental criticism with a wide scope of subjects but a simple goal: to storm and sack academic "Haute Couture" with the armies of Gutter Culture.

But writing a 3000+ word essay takes a lot of time and effort, and now I'm asking for your support so that I can keep bringing you the complex, incisive criticism and theory you've come to expect from StIT. This Patreon campaign, set up to allow for payments as low as 50 cents an article, is designed to help me defray the cost of teaching people on the Internet about media theory instead of getting a real job slicing meat and cheese products for The Man! I need your help to keep StIT running.

At all levels, you'll get access to early and exclusive content: exclusive reviews, draft articles, the Storming the Ivory Tower podcast, plans for future articles, and even raw image files used to create the blog's illustrations. At higher tiers, paying just $5 per article will help me continue to release ebook collections, and will give you in return access to my whole existing ebook library.

With your help, I can keep storming ivory towers and bringing media analysis to the masses.

Still not convinced? Get introduced to StIT though the Reader's Guide.

$350 - reached! per blog post
I'll feel extremely motivated to actually stick with this and finish my next project instead of going and living in the big tree near my parents' house where about a hundred turkey vultures habitually hang out!
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