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Any amount will do! Thank you for even considering to support me, it truly means a lot. 
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Amazing! Your name will be at the end of my videos an in the description. Thank you!
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My god, $10! Thank you so so much! You can pick what video I make. I can do a top ten, a review (even though I’m very bad at them), a vlog, anything! As long as it doesn’t deal with making music, you’re good to go! (I have every right to not accept an idea if it supports bully, racism, is overly sexual, etc.) Includes all previous rewards. 




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About Stormo

Hi there! My name is Stormo (or Sam, feel free to call me either I really don't care) and I make gaming videos on YouTube. I'm making this because I (no I'm not kidding) make $2-$4 an hour at my "job" so I'm looking for other ways to get some more money on the side. I don't know that rewards or whatever to give so you can leave suggestions for me and I'll probably add them. Tweet me @StormoVicks if you have suggestions okay thanks have a nice day.
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Just a little test run to see how well this will actually go. 
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