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A sincere thank you!
Hey friends! First off, thanks for your willingness to be a part of this project. The art of storytelling is beautiful craft and I'm grateful that together we can continue to preserve it. So thanks for being a part of the team, thanks for joining the community, and thanks for helping keep this project alive.

Why storytelling?
As I think about what makes this project so special to me, the answer that I continually come back to is that storytelling is such a fascinating art form. Stories have a unique way of shaping our culture, and the stories we tell define the journeys we embark on.

When I first started this project, I was worried that the stories would get boring or stale because I was the one that was sharing them. But as this dream continued to develop, I found that the most compelling thing about these stories was that they connected to so many people in different ways. And in that sense, even though I serve as the narrator of these stories, I'm not always the protagonist. But that's the beauty of this podcast. It's the idea that we can all narrate the stories that define the world we live in. And the telling of these stories connects our lives in much deeper ways.

Why Patreon?
I work a regular 9-5 just like everyone else. When you participate in Patreon, you help keep the costs for the podcast manageable, but you also help ensure that the podcast stays alive. I don't get paid for doing this podcast, so the more people we get to partner with Patreon, the more time I can spend on the podcast.

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I purchased a license for the theme music of the show, but it's not original. If we hit this goal, I'll be able to pay some starving musician enough to create a totally original theme song for the show. How cool would that be?
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