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The focus of Strange Shapes is mainly content from the Alien films that to date have not been fully addressed in official media (including the many comprehensive documentaries and books that are widely available.) I have written a number of articles that I think are unique -- the Life of Bolaji Badejo, which explores the life of the young Nigerian who played the Alien in some of its most iconic scenes. I also transcribed Bolaji's only interview with the press. There is also a comprehensive look at William Gibson's rare second draft of Alien III; a look at the aborted translucent Alien costume, and an exhaustive article on the creation of the Alien itself.

In short, if you are a fan of the Alien movies, longtime or short, I guarantee that you will learn something new (or maybe even unexpected) at Strange Shapes, and it's a project that evolved from distraction to passion for me. If you would like a quick, bullet-pointed example of what the blog has in store, check out this assemblage of quick go-to Alien facts for those who want a taster of what Strange Shapes can offer.

It is my hope to not only keep creating new content for Shapes, but to increase my productivity in regard to it. I am currently studying and working full time, with a family in tow, and even a little support can free up hours and days of time that I can spend researching and writing -- eventually, I would even like to sit down and write a book that will detail the making of Alien from its beginnings in Dan O'Bannon's mind to its projection on cinema screens, incorporating every piece of unique information from Strange Shapes and then some! 

The bottomline is, passing the blog URL does a lot to help, and monetary support is absolutely secondary to simply sharing the material with other fans. But, if you are of the mind to pitch in and support me in this way, then I would absolutely welcome it.


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