Strange Wayfaring Stranger

is creating videogame playthroughs with commentary (soon to be more)

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You will have my eternal thanks and I hope to make something to offer real soon.  Access to Patreon posts.

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Access to any upcoming content I may be creating and hopefully if my internet connection permits, I send you those videos. Also enter in a chance to win things (TBD).


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Previous rewards and possibly a chance to play any game (within reason if I don't own it I will attempt to get it) for xbox (other games to follow for other systems) cooperatively or even against each other. 

Note - when we do play together you will be able to add me on Xbox and possibly other platforms and I intend to record our hour long session for my youtube channel. Please specify if you don't wish to have it recorded.




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About Strange Wayfaring Stranger

Hello everyone. I am hoping to create a lot of content that I think people will enjoy. I have a huge interest and love of music, videogames, art, movies, tv shows, comics and collecting. I hope to take those loves and interests and make them into content worth viewing. But also I have many other ideas in mind and further down the line we will see if they are possible. I'm hoping to bring others along with me into this adventure.
$9 of $2,000 per month
This is a huge undertaking for me and I honestly have no idea what the hell i'm doing haha. But I am hoping to create amazing content and I need things to do that with, IE a better laptop and capture card. I have an Xbox one X and over a 100 games or so, so for now I have plenty of choices.  And now that they offer Windows/Xbox play anywhere I will maybe in the future do PC as well. Eventually I do plan to do plenty of PC games as well, as I first started gaming on PC.
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