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About StrangerThanFiction

I`ll be transparent, all the support and funds are maintaining and keeping the existence of 'thestrangerfiction' website, where I expose the Pop culture and it`s symbolism with no restrictions, the other factor is living needs, as all of us know - a man has to eat. That`s about it. For many years now I have emotionally detached from this world and what it can offer, my main goal now is to spread all the information i`ve seen and heard, and hopefully along the road to help someone with it. What really matters to me is the pursuit for truth, righteousness and most importantly - taking action and keeping the light going. It all started from the moment I got saved, of course no one is perfect and we all have flaws, but we can also try our best no matter how bad it gets. If you got any questions, suggestions or just want to have a chat and what not, feel free to contact me on my website either in forums or send me a private message, I`ll be glad to try and help. Once again, thank you.

'The time has come when I have to move forward and leave the corporate platforms behind by continuing our journey on our own independent and uncensored website. It is funded by you - my Patrons. I hope you`ll find it informative as well as enjoyable' - StrangerThanFiction

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The info is free, but I have to self-sustain with monopoly paper we call 'money' and to keep my work going by paying for '' website.

I thank each and every one of you who are able and willing to help and support me. This really means a lot to me and my loved ones. Any help will be greatly appreciated

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