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My name is Stratica and I've been doing digital and traditional art for over 8 years. I make digital and traditional based art, with a focus on creating unique content, fanart, freelancing, etc.

I joined Patreon to bring my work, community, and support into one convenient place. Your support will help me pursue my art career. For this, I appreciate every patron because they bring me closer to my dream; To make a living with my art!

Does this mean your content will be behind a paywall?
Absolutely not! All content I produce will be posted publicly, for everyone to enjoy. Think of this as an added bonus where patrons are able to see new content earlier, and help everyone see more of my art.

What do I get out of this if I become a Patron?
You will get access to sweet rewards, listed on the right, such as:
  • Sketch WIPS 
  • Hi-Res Art 
  • A monthly poll to vote on ideas*
  • Claim rewards such as sketches, commissions and more**

** Note: Suggestions for the Monthly Poll / Patreon rewards must be submitted BY the end of the 8th each month. Voting for the monthly poll will last for a limited time, so please make sure to get your votes in. Discord integration is highly recommended to make sure you remember each month!

Thank you!
I greatly appreciate any sort of contribution anyone might give. It means a lot to receive support while trying to maintain a nice stable art feed. I will do my best to utilize patreon as a good reward potential for you all!

You can still check out all released work on my platforms! Feel free to check them out!  

$138 of $500 per month
This will give me more coverage over the long run, helping me with living conditions and student loans
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