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About Stratovarius

Welcome to my Patreon! 

I am a solo artist and make free, crowd funded adult 3D games and videos specializing in R-18 parody content. My main projects are created with Hatsune Miku. All parody characters are 18 years of age or older.

  • Videos
My videos will come in many different styles with any kind of adult scenario, from lighthearted and romantic to rough and dynamic. Videos are rendered natively in 4K for the highest quality resolution, with high resolution downsamples to your native resolution, and support for both 16:9 and 21:9 cinematic widescreen. My works will also be able to be converted for viewing with Virtual Reality headsets.

To view some of my works already completed, please visit here:

(Adult Content Warning)

  • Games
All 3D games are created for Windows and Android operating systems (32 bit and 64 bit), with OpenGL and DirectX 9 through DirectX 12 graphics support for wide compatibility. Games support resolutions 720p through 4K, as well as 4:3, 16:9 and 21:9 cinematic displays. In the future, I would like to be able to also include my content for more operating systems, such as Linux, and Mac OS. Virtual Reality projects will be made for the HTC Vive, Vive Pro/Pro Eye/Vive Cosmos, Oculus Rift/Rift S, Pimax 4K/8K, and Valve Index. Support is also planned for the HP Reverb and other Windows Mixed Reality head mounted displays.

The Northwood Lair

The Northwood Lair is a continuously developing 3D R18+ project for a more hardcore audience where your Vocaloid subjects enjoy themselves in willful BDSM content. As the ruler of your own Lair, you will not be bothered to wait for romantic progression; fulfill your every want and desire whenever you wish! This project features a wide array of different adult encounters with a heavy bondage focus.

In The Northwood Lair, you may choose to have your favorite Vocaloid cast of servants entertain either yourself, one another, or your many henchmen, with each act providing her valuable experience in her goal to satisfy you. Scenes feature successive animation stages and can be repeated as much as you wish. Bind her with rope, have her strike a seductive pose, be gentle or rough, the choice is yours!

Also included with The Northwood Lair project is a 2.5D beta adult side scrolling adventure game!

  • Carefully guide Miku through the environment to the other side to reach the goal
  • Enemies will enjoy themselves with Miku in several erotic ways if caught
  • Special bonus Game Over erotic scenes, do not worry if you fail!
  • Waves of unique enemies that Miku must avoid, each with different erotic animations
On the outskirts of your secret lair lies the Overworld, a place where you can travel to for commercial entertainment. Here your submissive playmate can dance in minimal attire that accents all of her best features in full view of the public, or accompany them behind the nearest building while you entertain yourself with the other erotic merchants! Visit the local tavern for a drink, or strike up a conversation with one of the girls and fill your night with their company in any way you wish!

Your lair has many locations to visit for your servants training. Have her entertain your henchmen in a prison cell, perform magical summons in the Arcanium with tentacle monsters, relax and unwind in a hot bath, and more!

In addition to the full 3D adult segments that you may freely enjoy as much as you wish, a Story Mode is in development in a hybrid Visual Novel x 3D style, mixing 3D turn based combat and exploration with story-telling narratives. All of the best parts of each type element are included for an exciting mix that tells the tale of The Northwood Lair. Visual novel elements can have dangerous consequences when faced with multiple branching options, with Dead Ends and Bad Ends looming around every corner for yourself as the main protagonist. There is also many rewarding moments which bestow fully 3D H scenes and unlock lots of additional lascivious content!

"h mate!"

Congratulations! You were just married! Your new married life is just getting under way after settling into your new home with your lovely wife, Miku! Your new life is filled with many exciting moments!

h mate! is a light-hearted adult project built for relaxing and unwinding after a long day. Your sexy mate will always happily greet you with a tender embrace, and always awaits your next return with a smile!

In this developing beta, you own
 your very own modest home and enjoy your new life that you share with your beautiful bride in a rich, fulfilling marriage. h mate! is great for relaxing and unwinding after a stressful day, with therapeutic moments of tenderness carefully crafted to your utmost satisfaction. h mate! will also feature multiple locations for H scenes, planned for both around the house and abroad! Watch movies, go on dates, engage in humorous dialogue and events, or relax at home while you take care of one another's lustrous needs! 
  • Romance-driven gameplay: buy Miku clothes, take her to dinner, help her cook, take care of her when she catches a cold, unlock H scenes everywhere!
  • First-person perspective, with VR support planned

Adult Lounge Project (VR-only)

Welcome to the Vocaloid Hard Sex Lounge! This project was heavily inspired by The Northwood Lair and retains its delicious BDSM themes, while also allowing lots of amazing vanilla H scenes! You are now in a futuristic cyber world where you can connect to the Lounge at any time you wish to be engulfed in the worldly pleasures offered by the stunning beautiful Vocaloids! Take this secret pass and be my personal guest to the underground chambers beneath the Lounge's stripper runway where the private rooms await you! Inside, your Vocaloid beauties will seat you atop an accommodating red couch as the sliding glass doors lock behind you both so that you may begin to play! Included in your pass is a free guest pass to try the amazing Miku Doll rental! Miku Doll comes with an exciting, functionally nude outfit, and her onahole lady hole, her mouth, and throat stretch wide to accommodate insertions of any size! Your guide will be the seductive, well-endowed Luka, who will also treat you to her signature special services!

All supporters will receive constant content updates and immediate access to all projects! Once a project is started, you will be given the project and all progress updates for free! You may also request to see your ideas for new content in game by voting for the features you would like to see most in a project. If you pledge $10 or more, your votes count as a higher priority in queue and you will receive a free 3D Hatsune Miku R-18 animated desktop mascot prototype and have access to R-18 Android OS projects! Pledge more than $30, and you will get much higher priority for all projects custom content recommendations, plus the $10 bracket projects! If you pledge $100 or more, you will be given top priority for your favorite features in project creations and I will work closely with you to create what you would like to see very quickly!

Miku Desktop Mascot can be placed anywhere on your desktop!
  • Rotate her to get your best view! 
  • Zoom in to get a close look or zoom out to see a wider view!
  • New versions will be created with enough support, featuring new animations!

Miku Quickie X is delighted to please you any time you like on your favorite Android device!
  • Control animations, speed, and camera at the push of a button!
  • Change costumes, tie, and untie Miku!
  • Take and save photos in photo mode!
  • Module updates for additional continuous content!
  • Full 3D, 360 degree ero BDSM and conventional rough quickie animation action!

Now also available on SubscribeStar!

Thank you for visiting! 
$2,098.40 of $3,000 per month
Character and level design artists can be employed to deliver the ultimate experience in each of their professions!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 150 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 150 exclusive posts

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