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Picking This Tier is kinda Of Like  The Basic Plan. I say that, despite the great rewards! 

•Added To Discord 

•View All Posts 1 Day Before Release (Except For Coins+ And Club Work) 

•Able To Enter In Patreon Exclusive Giveaways (Usually Coins And Custom Shirts) 

•Mentioned at the end of all my posts

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This Is kinda the premium plan. You Get More benefits, which is a big plus. 

•Enter Twice In All Giveaways 

•Get Custom Mention At End Of All My Blogs 

•Become A Moderator In My Discord 

•All Dragon Tier Benefits As Well 




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About Amino | Jack’s Patreon

Hello Fellow Introverts, My Name Is Jack, And Welcome To My Patreon Page! I suspect you came from My Amino, Which Is Awesome! Here You’ll Get Blogs Early, And Many Cool rewards! All donations go toward me, and improving This Patreon! I will host giveaways, and even Chatrooms! Anyways, Enjoy Your Wild Ride! 

Regards, Jack