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  • Create a character that will be added to a Database for the optional use on Primary shows

Thank you for joining The Streampunk #AuxCrew! AndTHANK YOU for your support! The AuxCrew Membership Tier gives access to The Streampunks Discord Server! This is the community we use to play with our viewer during twitch live streams, as well as make special announcements and engage with our members. 

Role Play on the Discord Server will be a “background” setting for the main campaign we are running on Twitch. There will be updates as the narrative moves from chapter to chapter, fueling the rp on the Discord server, offering background events happening in our show. Currently that setting is CLEAR SKIES, which is a new Star Trek Adventures(®Modiphius Entertainment) Campaign run LIVE on Monday’s, 6:30pm PT at!

*Please note: Aux Crew is the name our wonderful community came up with for themselves. The Auxiliary Crew is anyone who watches, supports us and other Aux Crew. We use the name here for Tier Levels as a way of honor the fans and is in no way meant to exclude all the amazing folks who have joined us for the journey, be they supporters or passive viewers. Who ever you are, we thank you and are grateful to have you on board. You are Aux Crew <3

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  • Previous Rewards
  • Access to special Officer’s Lounge Discord channel. While I will be available across the channels, this is also where I will engage the most on the discord, jumping into chat more frequently here than anywhere else.
As an Officer of the AuxCrew you will be helping me lay the foundations to build a community around our games as well as empowering me to support the wonderful MODs who are dedicating their time and passion to cultivating and protecting our games. 

As a thank you, you will also gain access to the Officer’s Lounge Channel on the Streampunks Discord, which will be the channel we will most often frequent as well as prioritize any questions received from Q&A’s. Thank you, so very much, for your support of myself and the Streampunks!
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Champion of the AuxCrew   

  • Previous Tier Rewards
  • Name added to Special Thank You in the Credits at the end of each episode of Primary Show
  • First look at any upcoming Projects or Personal/home brew RPG material the Streampunks are involved in!
  • Character Event: In addition to having any NPC character you add to the database be submitted for optional use on a primary show, you will also be able to submit a proposed Character Event! This could be something like your characters Death, A Wedding event, etc (obviously within the boundaries of reason). (Note: These proposed events will only be able to occur when it is appropriate for the game’s narrative. The scene will take place in the background or will supplement the story while acknowledging the life of the character you’ve been enjoying in rp. That variable and possible volume of events will mean this will require your patience. Thank you!)
THANK YOU so much for your support. Did you know that $20 a month is roughly what the average person spends buying coffee a month? COFFEE? Seriously though, at this level of support you are making it possible for our entire group to not only devote ourselves to creating and producing these shows. 

Your name will be added to the credits at the end of each episode of Clear Skies as a THANK YOU. You’ll be given access to personal game notes and rpg material that I build, as I build them and if you’re actively engaged in our RP on the Streampunks Discord, you will be able to submit a request for a Character Event in game. Thank you so much for supporting me and the AuxCrew, Champion.
Includes Discord benefits



About The Streampunks RPG Group

We started as a small game on Geek & Sundry. We grew into good friends. We found a great community and we began a journey telling stories about hope. We met characters that represented who we all. We learned to make friends of enemies, to love our scars and explore the stars.

We've since struck out on our own, a small indie group with a lot of heart. Welcome to our Patreon. We're just getting started.
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