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The Good Human / Street Survivor Program


Oregon, the 2nd worst state, only to California to have the worst homelessness epidemic. If you look at population of these two states it only makes sense that California would be the worst as it is most dense.

As of January 2017, Oregon has an estimated 13,953 individuals experiencing homelessness.

What is reality though?

Oregon: Provided by Juliana Marez, Homeless/Indian Education Liaison Douglas County, Oregon
  • 2nd highest in nation for rate of unsheltered people in families
  • 3rd highest number of unaccompanied rural homeless children and youth
  • 4th in nation for total number of rural homeless people
  • 5th highest rate of statewide unsheltered unaccompanied homeless youth and children
  • 5th for largest number of rural chronically homeless individuals 
  • 5th highest rate statewide of unsheltered chronically homeless individuals 
  • 6th highest in total numbers of rural homeless families 
  • 6th in the nation for rural homeless individuals 
  • 7th highest for number of homeless rural vets Douglas County: on any given night, Estimates are that over 500 people are homeless 
  • 91 live in families with children -- 323 people with 182 of them under age 18 
  • 9 are unaccompanied youth under age 18 
  • 42 are veterans 
  • 57 are chronically homeless and 32 of those people are unsheltered 
  • 71 are victims of domestic violence and 25 of those people are unsheltered 
  • 86 are seriously mentally ill and 41 of those people are unsheltered
The goal:

If you have ever been on the streets for any amount of time you understand that there are many limitations passed on to you. Storing your things, getting mail, phone access, travel to and from, staying warm and dry, clothing, food and so on.

We understand that the current "Methods" of dealing with the homelessness issues sometimes  fail, not because the intent wasn't there but because they often are created by those who truly have never experienced the pain themselves. We help out in a much more proactive and practical way. We go to them. We also are supported and advised by those who are currently homeless or have been so that they can offer us advise on how to best proceed to help those in need. These guides are our panel of advisors.

This is just the beginning! We will always pursue what actually makes sense and works for those in need, not what works best for us.

I encourage you to support and follow the Invisible people youtube: as we all need to really understand what is going on within the streets.

Thanks for your support!

Dave Skala
Founder - Street Survivor

$18 of $500 per month
When I reach $500 a month I will interview a funding donor and someone who received / receives assistance from us every month and make it visible on our websites.
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