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About Paul Banasiak

Recent Content:

  • New - Southpaw Secrets Private Lesson (60 Minutes of Voiced Over Video Footage)
  • New - Muay Thai Scoring Breakdown with Petchtanong Banchamek
  • New - Dominant Clinch with a World WBC Champion (Private Breakdown)
  • New - Namsaknoi Training Lesson - Sparring Breakdown
  • New - Trick Kicking Series for All Levels [Mini Seminar for all Official Members]
  • Private Training Videos, Articles, Boxing Training Lessons and the Solo Training Heavy Bag Video Manual Have All Been Added to the Library.
  • New Content Scheduled for Release Every Monday   

New FULL Digital Striking Clinic / Seminar Releases: 
[x] Low Kick Systems Clinic [10 Patrons Goal Reached]
[x] Thai Kicking Systems Clinic [Released with 20 Patrons]
[x] Trick Kicking Systems [Released with 30 Patrons]
[ ] Transitionary Clinch System Clinic [Released with 50 Patrons]
[ ] Striking Tactics - Advanced Clinic [Released with 100 Patrons]

Thank You for the Kind Consideration in Becoming a Partner of Our Striking Academy and Source of Support for Content Creation
Although Patreon is a small source of funding for projects of this magnitude, if we come together as a community we can aid in the production of high-quality projects, educational material, inspirational stories and informational pieces that have the potential reach of tens of thousands of people.

With the proper funding, the hours needed to produce high-quality production of documentaries, 1 to 1 private lesson breakdowns, fight video analysis, video seminars, clinics exclusive articles and more will be allocated to both the member's area and to expand the public library to further grow the sport. [A long list of additional features and benefits of supporters & members is listed within the TIER BENEFITS, Goals and their descriptions]

Patreon is a way to support the content you love on a monthly basis. It is an avenue in which I can bring sustainably to the production of the best possible content from Southeastern Asia, the States, and wherever this journey may take us next; bringing it all back for the community to discover, to those that may not have the opportunity to work with myself, high level trainers or to travel outside of their country.

I aim for this project to be a more personal line of between me and yourself in a world of surface relationships, photoshopped images, and the mirage of what looks like an overnight success. This is a place to tell the real stories, the insider look at the ups and downs of a professional athlete chasing a dream, with you in the passenger seat. This is my attempt of helping you learn from my mistakes and successes, in business, in professional sports, and most importantly. . . in life.

To Those Who Aren't Familiar With Who I Am | My Mission

My name is Paul “Reaper” Banasiak. My life has been transformed through the catalysts created by life, meditation, travel, training, and the tribulations that come with being a professional fighter on the world's top promotions. I was born in Poland, started a new life in America, quit while I was ahead in clinical rotation on my road to becoming an anesthetist, and began to chase the passions that brought happiness to my body and mind. 

I have never been able to interwind and translate my creative thoughts into the physical realm. I felt that I had a vision, but I was lost in finding a vehicle to express it. My first trip to Thailand changed that as I started my (now Top 10 Ranked) blog, channel, and freelance services etc. Our page now holds over 360,000+ followers on Facebook, and 15,000+ on Instagram

I may have jumped from the introduction to where I am rather quickly, but that's because the real stories of value are between the lines. That space is what I aim to fill with this project. In the age of social media, where surface content, quick to read articles, 15-second videos add up to hours of distraction, I have found myself aiming to please the masses. The intimacy disappearing, with every in-depth piece and creative project gaining little traction, whilst short and entertaining videos were going viral I have felt a need to step away from social media. After speaking with Sylvie and her husband, instead of stepping back, I have created a solution [make sure to check out her wonderful page as well, I honestly think that she is the best journalist in this space. . .]

I believe that this may be the only vehicle, the only place to connect with an intimate audience and provoke real thought, share real content, and create a deeper community in a world of shallow content. It is a place, that if executed properly can fuel the creation of beautiful projects and educated minds. 

What Your Support Brings to This Journey

Through your support, our content has no limitation in possibility and creation. I have invested my life savings into this dream, purchasing the necessary equipment, travel tickets, private training, education and anything that would bring in the widest array of perspective into my life. Living out of a bag traveling through Asia, sleeping on the floor in both Thailand, California and other countries to gain any bit of experience that I can from each place that I had discovered.

Your support brings longevity and sustainability to the library of content, it ensures that the operational costs of the website, training and living in Thailand and so that Patreon continues to produce everything listed in its benefits - becoming a full-time endeavor that exceeds your expectations, helps you to learn through my mistakes and successes.

As a journalist attempting to grow the sport of Muay Thai and the self-discovery/ limitless potential of ourselves, there is a trade-off. A sustainable job as a personal trainer, waiter, college student etc. brings comfort, but it does not bring perspective, a story to tell, greatness, discomfort or the time to carry on writing and creating content whilst training as a professional athlete with the best trainers in the world to produce top quality content. I believe that this may be the first & only avenue in which it is a win-win situation for the community as a whole.

Your contribution literally makes the dream come true for not only those affiliated with producing the projects, but also for those inspired by its content.   
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With 500 Patrons, we will move the already organized on-demand video platform into a coded app to further enhance your experience. The app will be available on iTunes, Google Play, Apple TV and almost any device with application capability.  
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 75 exclusive posts
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