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I've been lucky enough to be around music and great artists for my entire career. I'm always digging for new tracks. Soooo...  I'll compile the best mix of new and hidden and classics of the month with interviews and live performances. All for your listening pleasure. This is 100% human selected. An algorithm free zone. Not that I dislike the algorithm, it's just that emotion is where it's at with great music, and no code can do it quite like we can. Audio and video shared with the world. Become a supporter of the independent warriors for great music. Also,, we will send you the episode :)

High School Bullshit
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FYI THIS IS EXPENSIVE :) Because it takes long time to do it... I wanted to pursue a career in art... I was kicked out of art class... forced to take drama. It was fine, everything worked out as it was meant to be... but, I will draw you... (like I did a pal of mine) It's an expensive tier but that's only because my cartoon you will be thought out with great love. 





Thank you for checking this page out. There are a lot of great crews to support on Patreon. We hope to be one of them. My name is George. For the last 25-years, I've been focussed on finding and sharing the best music, culture, art and most importantly, human connections. I've worked all across the media in pursuit of this. 

As it turns out, I've created a home for music and conversation in my actual home. The result is the most compelling minds, creators, artists and bands in the world come through my door. I want to share this with you.

Sooooo, this page is a portal to a lot of possibilities... A world class team has gathered to make shows of all kinds. Music, scripted, radio and video. Interviews with the best and most compelling artists, activists, and cultural forces in the world. An inspiring collection of inspiring people come through the doors of my home and we (a small, great team) will give you access to them.

One of our shows airs on CBC Music. The network pays a licensing fee for the show. That covers some of the costs for the audio production. The podcasts and videos aren't sponsored and there is more that we want to do... that's where you come in. Thank you, again.

There are a few rewards posted. More to come.  

Much appreciated,
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The larger the commuity the more we can share.
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