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About Studio Exo Blue

Hey, we are Gerrit and Pierre and we´re developing "Aceltra" a First Person Action RPG.
You can find our discord server here

About Us

We have different background in game development. I (Gerrit) work as a developer for gameplay systems and have experience in creating and integrating game relevant assets, like Animations, UI/UX or 3D assets.

Pierre takes care of the visual representation of the game, story and sound work.
This includes environments and lighting, UI / UX design, as well as story writing and sound design.
Together we can cover many areas of game development and can do most of the stuff ourself.

Freelancer will be hired mostly for asset creation, animation etc. to save us time and to make the game more beautiful.

About the Game

Aceltra is a First Person Action RPG that takes place in a sci-fi fantasy scenario that mixes hightech and more primitive cultures together.
The game will be a loot based shooter where you solve puzzles and Riddles in different areas and fight against unique enemies and bosses.
You will also be able to upgrade and customize your equipment with materials you find on your adventure.


You will play as Aura Cold, a stubborn and selfish adventuress. She and her team were send to a inofficial mission on Aceltra-36, a planet in the Aceltra system.
Always at Auras side is her companion SAM. SAM is supposed to be A.S.M short for Autonomic Support Machine, but Aura didn't like the way that sounded, so she renamed it.

What Aura and her team will discover is far beyond there imagination.

Story Telling

We mainly try to tell the story with the environment and not with character dialouges alone. So any dungeon and mystical place will tell different parts of the story. We will also implement optional hidden content that will explain the lore of the world.
We want to give the player unique quests that will guide you to intresting places rather than overwhelming you with sidequests. While you are on these main missions you can find places to explore and maybe find something that will help you on your journey.


The main focus of the game will be the dungeons, you will prepere and upgrade your equipment to explore them and follow the story they tell.
To progress through the dungeon you will need to solve puzzles, explore the environment and fight against enemies and powerful bosses.

Current State of the Game

We already developed a prototype that features most of the basic game systems.
Already finished are base systems for damage, inventory management, questing, weapons, basic climbing and abilities.
The next steps would include the creation of the actual game content, like levels, AI, UI, 3D Models etc.
There are also some systems missing that we want in the final product, but they weren't that important to the game so we decided to delay them and add them when we have the funding to do that.
$5.88 of $596.70 per month
With 500€ per month we´ll be able to cover the development costs to get the game into a pre-alpha state.
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