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About Studio High Sea

Studio High Sea is a public domain production studio founded and ran by the youtuber: Uniquenameosaurus.

Everything produced by Studio High Sea is released into the public domain under the CC0 license by default. You're free to use everything we make in any way you want. You don't even have to credit us and you're free to make any and all profits off of anything of ours you redistribute, remake, change or otherwise use.
We cannot and will not sue you for copyright infringement.

We may however at some point make something under the Copyleft license, but this will be clearly marked.
Our Current Works:

Airlock Bound - Public domain under the CC0 license:

A webcomic about a princess so hellbent on proving a point that she throws her world into chaos and a slave whom she freed who must now wrestle with enjoying his freedom to the fullest while not turning a blind eye to the war his saviour created.
Read here:

ABOUT: Studio High Sea aims to be as profitable as other production groups without using intellectual property.
As our popularity grows, so will our value and the demand for us to continue to produce our current projects.
As a result, if we observe a significant boost in popularity without a boost in patrons, we may raise our goals to continue development at the same rate. We may also do the opposite if popularity falls.
Rest assured, we will raise our goal sparingly and carefully as we don't want to risk creating competitors looking to undercut us because we overcharged our customers for more than they were willing to pay.

$1,368.07 of $3,240 per month
Airlock Bound Funded (Public Domain - CC0)

Studio High Sea makes the bare minimum to continue making Airlock Bound without expected losses and will continue for as long as I am willing and able to in the hope it will become profitable enough to justify my time.
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