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Mythic is inspired by the now departed Fable Legends. Due to the fact that none of the team are a secret billionaire we can’t actually work on the Fable IP.
What we can do is take inspiration from what they started and create our own universe. The team were part of the closed beta so we have had hands on experience with Legends. We know what worked well and what made us scream abuse at the screen and want to throw our controllers.
We are making our own deep and engaging fantasy world that provides an open asymmetric team based multiplayer game.


Set in Celtic Britain where Heroes are few and enemies are plenty. Something is changing, unexplained and weird events are happening across the world. Our heroes must rise up against the ‘powers that be’ to protect their homes while the ‘powers that be’ must fight for control.

Mythic is an Asymmetric Team-Based Multiplayer. A team of four heroes will go up against 1 ‘power that be’. The ARPG heroes will have to use a combination of team work and their abilities to overcome wave after wave of enemies. While the RTS ‘powers’ need use their factions of creatures to stop the heroes before taking control of an epic summon for an Action fuelled end battle.



Born into nobility, Aster is the eldest of 3 sisters. Intelligent and athletic she has 2 passions in her life, History and Archery. In pursuit of knowledge and excitement she explores local ruins and caves. As her 21<sup>st</sup> birthday approached Aster’s parents found her a suitor, Brian. Wanting to explore one more time before getting married, Aster grabbed her bow and left in the middle of the night. She has plans to return, one day.


Briaryn was born in the valleys, where from? Well no one really knows, when he is asked all he says is ‘yes’, very helpful I know. He is a Summoner who spends his days wondering from place to place, with only his ‘pets’ for company, which is how he likes it.


Growing up as the son of a tavern owner Callum has the gift of the gab. A chancer with charm, he will do anything to make some quick coin. With his cursed sword, Fergus, he travels around looking for his next score.


A champion show fighter from Spain, Alejandro decided to travel the world showing off his skills. Armed with his lance he wowed crowds, lapping up the attention, especially from the ladies. Confident, handsome, funny, brave and strong, these are all words he uses to describe himself….figure out for yourself if it’s true.


Mildred is a hog that knows her own mind, she’s crazy, confident and friendly (until you get on her bad side). You will always know she is around with her in your face attitude, something her long suffering husband knows only too well. Together they crafted a truly unique shield, which she always carries with her, that encapsulates how they are stronger as one.


The guardian of her village from a young age, Hayleigh knew she was different. Sure most kids have strops, but they usually don’t change form when having one! Curious of the world that she knows nothing of, she would like nothing more than to explore. Fearing the disappointment of her village she has stayed put……. until now.


We chose Patreon as we like the system it uses. Unlike other crowd funding sites like Kickstarter we start getting money as soon as we get Patrons, which means we can work on the game from day one and on sites like Kickstarter if you don’t hit your target then you don’t get any money. We like the interaction we can have with our Patrons, getting feedback and suggestions from them and also how we can reward then in a number of ways. Also people who make monthly payments are more likely to be involved and committed to the project then someone who just makes a one off payment.


Hi, we are Studio Raven, an indie studio. We are a team of mixed talents and experience in the game industry. We met via the Lionhead forum while in the Fable Legends closed beta. After the announcement that Lionhead studios was being closed and Fable Legends cancelled, seeing the reaction from the community we realised people wanted a game like Fable Legends and Mythic was born.

Studio Raven Team:

Raven – Project Lead, Artist, Programmer

Louise – Producer, Programmer, PR

Cam – Artist

(Picture coming soon)
James – Composer

(Picture coming soon)
Wes – Writer


Q: Are you seriously calling it "Project Luna"?
A: Well, no. It's just a codename, as boring as that sounds. It is now called Mythic...yay!

Q: What Platforms will this be available on?
A: Windows 10 and Xbox One.

Q: Will this simply be Multiplatform, or Cross-Platform? i.e. Can I play with my friends on PC and Console?
A: Yes, absolutely Cross-Platform. We want everyone to play together who can.

Q: Will you be supporting other platforms? i.e. PlayStation 4, Mac OSX, Linux, Nintendo NX?
A: No. While we might look into supporting Vulkan in the future if we can guarantee Cross-Platform Support with a given Vendor. For the moment supporting Microsoft Platforms exclusively is just less of a headache and initial cost, especially given Microsoft provides a complete libraries of tools that just work together; while other platforms require various 3rd Party Solutions that don't always play nice.

Q: How long will it take before we can get our hands on this?
A: With our current schedule, we are looking at Patron (Closed Alpha) access around Summer 2016 with Closed Beta access in Autumn/Fall 2016. We are optimistically looking at Spring 2017 for the initial release.

Q: What do Patrons actually get their hands on?
A: We are working with Patreon to implement a Credit System for our Patrons.
So while any amount of Patronage will provide early access to LiveCast (Development) VODs, Trailers, Concept Work, etc. as well as access to the Closed Area of our Forum where you can pitch ideas you have. On top of this the additional pledges don't actually provide any "Set" Rewards, but rather you gain Credits inline with how much you've Pledged.

You can then use this to spend on Patron Exclusives, such-as Alpha Access, Beta Access, Personalised NPCs, Cosmetic Items and Merchandise (Plushies for example). In this regard our Patrons can chose what rewards they personally want rather than having half a dozen things they don't care about. We will then continue to tailor these rewards as the project progresses based on feedback and what people latch on to the most; so we can help provide even more of what you guys want.

Q:What are credits?
A: Credits are currency that Patrons can exchange for merchandise from our shop and for ingame items from our Patreon shop. (We will announce when the merchandise shop is open)

Q: Your website has been broken FOREVER! Is it ever going to work?
A: Boy I hope so. Things have been pretty full tilt here with very little chance of seeing that slow down anytime soon. We will be looking to throw something up as soon as possible, but ideally we could do with a Web Designer / Admin for the Team.

If anyone has any more questions, feel free to leave them as comments and we'll add them to this FAQ.
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Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 30 exclusive posts
Audio releases
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