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is creating Art, Illustration, Animation, Podcasts, the occasional scone.
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My eternal gratitude for helping me to continue creating.
You will receive a "Society for Ungentlemanly Conduct" membership card. You will also enjoy ("enjoy"?) early access to all animations.

Also, your name will be removed from "The List". 
Trust me, when you find out what "The List" is, you'll be glad your name was removed.
"Don't expect me to make you look pretty"
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For utilising the cash you would have spent on your much-needed alcoholic eye-opener on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month, you will receive a monthly wallpaper image, and your Society for Ungentlemanly Conduct membership card will be embellished with your image in the "photo" section, scrawled by my own gnarled hand.

And, of course, everything in the previous tier.

"Heeeeere we are! We're the printses of the universe!"
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Pledging $60 will ensure you receive a signed, numbered 11x7" print each month.
Also, assurance is given that this will not be delivered by a cadre of emaciated but enthusiastic clowns. Probably.

And, of course, everything in the previous two tiers. 




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About Nerius' Studio Squidink

Well, hello there!

Either by some accident of the internet age, or due to my incredible hypnotic abilities, you've managed to land upon my Patreon page. Whatever you do, don't only makes them hungry. I'll get you out of here and on your merry way safely, with most of your limbs intact, but first we need to chat about the small matter of your protection fee.

"Protection fee?"

Who said anything about a protection fee? You're paranoid...I simply suggested that you might like to become a patron of my various works. 
Alongside my attempts to achieve the position of All Powerful Dictator of the Universe (yes, the title needs work), I also create artwork, animation, and other narrative nonsenses. It is in the guise of becoming a patron of the latter that you shall also be covertly funding the former. 

"Evil dictatorship I can get behind, but artwork and stories...?"

I know, it all sounds a bit like I'm trying to get patrons to support my putting blood, sweat, and tears (all of which can be purchased at the gift shop) into storytelling, but honestly it's expressly about ensuring my dominion over every living being in the universe. 

"Very well, tell me about these creative endeavours."

You're demanding...I like that. Well, while donations in general will go toward ensuring I can continue to create animations that look like something like this:

Podcasts on Art, Tea, and a Jolly Spot of Murder which sound like this:

and make images that look rather like this:

 There will also be a veritable cacophonous mayhem of other projects you will be helping to bring to fruition - including the further development of my Nonsense Engines (oh, you will be hearing of these), and The Last Tea Party.

"This is all well and good, but how many sexy dances will you be doing for me in exchange for my hard-earned coinage?"

None. No sexy dances, because none of my dances could ever be construed as even remotely sexy. Disturbing - yes, sexy - no. 
On the other hand, everybody who pledges will receive something, along with my absolutely sincere eternal gratitude for helping me to create the things I love creating. Obviously there will be different rewards for each pledge level (and these will change and develop), including:

- Everybody gets a membership card to join the Society for Ungentlemanly Conduct as a "veritable cad".
- Higher-pledging patrons will have the photograph section of their membership card illustrated with their likeness. 
- signed, numbered giclee prints.
- Patron-exclusive wallpapers.
- Patron-exclusive t-shirts.
- Tea parties: Google Hangouts during which we shall discuss writing, art, etc. while drinking tea (you shall have to supply your own tea). I may even do some live sketching. 
- Early content access : you will gain access to all content before it goes live to the public.
- Scone recipe. 

Finally, and in all seriousness, thank you for any and all support you give my works. Whether that's becoming a patron, or simply sharing my work with people you think might enjoy it - your support in all its forms helps me to keep pushing weirdnesses out of my over-stimulated storysac. 

Ta for now!

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A dedicated website in which to house all of my storytelling forms in one place.
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