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About Peter Johnson

I am a business entrepreneur and made my first Million dollars at 25 years but I quickly discovered that money is the least of all values. The next 10 years I spent raising my sons and trying to broaden their experience of the world as much as I can.

My two great passions after my family is learning more about people and cultures by traveling the world and helping people free themselves from working for money.

If you look at all the social problems of the world you can see that they are all driven by a desire of somebody to have more money. Even at the expense of other people and the environment. As a business entrepreneur, I was discussing with my sons one morning over breakfast how we could make more money out of selling pen I was holding. My youngest son instantly said, put a battery in it dad. That is when I realise there is something very wrong with the way business Entrepreneurs approach problems. It is not my fault But the current economic system just does not reward me to hold any other social value is important in the pursuit of profit. This is actually a fault with our economic system and cannot be changed until we change how money is created in our society. Economist the world over think that GDP growth is a requirement of prosperity and happiness, when in fact any compound in growth curve is doomed to failure.

I will be producing content about

- Travel - mainly Vietnam and Australia
- Food culture in asia
- Finding love in another culture
- Sailing, fishing, camping and fixing things
- Money and how it manipulates society
- Investing and how to win at the money game
- Mens rights and how gender differences should be embraced by both sexes, for their unique value. 2+3=1+4 
- Raising Children and what is going wrong in the west today with family units
- Values make the difference, lets save the family unit.
- Prosperity with negative growth

The biggest project I have is looking for support to study, create and implement "Prosperity with negative growth". The greatest problem economists have had in changing the current system is that they have no way to get from here to the utopian system they propose. I have some ideas that may solve these problems buy including the current stakeholders in the obvious change. I will need sometime to research this more and to write a working thesis or new economic model. 

I will need some patron who can support me while working on this thesis and also some patrons who have the social influence to promote a new form of financial exchange that includes values that society holds in every transaction.

I have started working on this and I have actually decided to move to Vietnam, giving me more time to write. Of course I need an income and so if you supported me by buying my current book "Why are you still a slave" available on amazon that would help. I will also make my new book a release on Patreon and offer some incentives to the people who support me.

Thanking you in advance

Peter Johnson 

PS Success is a Choice, Lets change the world one good idea at a time.

PPS Let me know what content you most want me to talk about or create.

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