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About Stuffed Beagle Productions

My name is Jon and Stuffed Beagle is my YouTube Channel.
My Spiritual Awakening was in January 2008. Since my Awakening, I have dedicated my life to research and understanding of the world hidden before our eyes. My research has led to the realization that there was something missing from the story of Humanity. I spent many years searching high and low for the missing link. In early 2019, I had an epiphany...I noticed the old buildings from the 19th Century have windows and doors below ground level and I knew this was the missing piece to the puzzle. Researching further I discovered the word that changed everything...MUDFLOOD.

When I placed this information into my personal theory of the Big Picture...all my previous research came alive and I could for the first time truly see the Wizard behind the curtain. Our History...what I refer to as our "High-Story"...has been hidden, changed, erased, added to or even completely fabricated.

I spent many years trying to Wake-up the Masses of Sheeple all around me, but at some point I gave was useless. I have learned that only we can Awaken Ourselves, no one can be told what the "Matrix" is...we have to see it ourselves. That being said...if you have found my YouTube Channel then your either Awake or are Awakening, there are no coincidences. The goal of my channel is to make content that helps the people who are ready for truth...let the sleeping ones rest...their Awakening will come one way or the other whether they want it or not.

I am creating Documentaries , Photo Slide Shows and Music Videos that transfer truth & knowledge in an entertaining way. I live a very simple life and searching for truth is my purpose. Truth will set you free...but first it will piss you off. Let us build a community of thinkers that will get to the truth and uncover all the MUD!

Your donation through Patreon will go directly to funding my Internet connection and any other technology needed to create these videos. EVERY DOLLAR donated is a blessing towards this goal. My YouTube channel is NOT monetized and will NEVER be monetized, so your donation here is the only source of income for this endeavor

If your willing to spare a little, I would be very, very Grateful. 
Thank you,
Jon aka BEAGS

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