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About StupidShepherd

Hi, I'm Shep!

I am a digital artist with a focus predominately on furry artwork. I have been drawing dumb squiggly things all my life but only really decided to take it seriously (or as serious as dumb squiggles can get) around 2010-2011ish.  I have since graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in animation, but swiftly decided that animation simply wasn't for me. I now spend 90% of my life drawing furries!

Chances are you found my patreon through one of these already, but on the off chance you didn't, you can also check out my stuff over on these nifty places!
Twitter | Furaffinity | Deviantart

If you are interested in my commissions and commission opnings, you can also check out my nifty Telegram channel!

Why Patreon?

At the moment, commissions are my sole source of income and, although business is well, they take up a huge chunk of my life, leaving me with little to no time to do anything else. As you could guess, this puts a huge strain on me both physically and emotionally. It also sometimes affects the quality of work I am able to produce, which is always my top concern.

I am making this Patreon in hopes that it will provide me with the time and funds I need to both focus on bettering the quality of my artwork, as well as expanding my skills to try new media I was not able to try before. 

What's in it for you? 

You're helping me better my work, so I want to return the favor as best as I can! Rewards will depend on the success of this Patreon, which you can check out in the goals section. Initial rewards will be access to personal sketches and projects (as well as some art for the limited higher tiers), however more things such as voting/suggestions, free-to-use bases, and freebie streams will unlock as they are funded! 

You are also passively helping me keep my commission prices lower and more easily affordable, which is always a plus!

What if can't afford to pledge? 

I 100% understand that not everyone is able to make monthly pledges and hey, that's totally fine! I'm not a fan of paywalls and don't intend to create one for my work either. Most of the content on this Patreon will be posted publicly on a delay. That means if you're not able to afford it, you'll still be able to see it!  Just a bit later than the Patreon folks do.  This also includes free-to-use bases as well, which will be available for everyone!  Any Patreon exlusive content will likely be non-essential things like sketches,doodles, or just quick drawings I'm not very confident in, so you won't miss too much!

$581.21 of $600 per month
Wow dang! I don't think we'll get this far but if we do it will help tremendously! 

As a thank you, I will do one freebie stream per month!
This stream will be available to everyone, however, patrons will receive priority when being chosen.

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