Sturgeon's Law is creating Comics

$0.10 /creation
Access to high resolution desktop wallpapers as we create them, starting with a version of Marissa's Laser Demonstration.

$0.25 /creation
Your name (or chosen appropriate pseudonym) will be listed on the Sponsors page page designating you as a supporter of the comic, you will have a special avatar on the website indicating that you a...

$1 /creation
We will draw and send you a (digital) unique sketch of the Sturgeon's Law character of your choice.

Additionally, you will get early access to comics, ahead of their regular release schedule.

$3 /creation
Your listing on the Sponsors page will include a color drawing of you as an SL minion. The drawing of you will be used as your avatar on the website, indicating that you are a sponsor. We will also...

$5 /creation
We will mail you a signed copy of your minion drawing. We will also include your likeness and/or name as a character in the comic in your choice of an SL employee or adversary.